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It is a small deciduous tree attaining 2 to 6 m in height having oblong or ovate leaves with a shining surface.  The production of this fruit has attracted several growers for its low cultivation cost, drought tolerance and export potential.


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Farmers can utilize the services by posting queries through e-mails, telephones on scientific practices and make pomegranate cultivation profitable.

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Yield level varies from 8.0 to 15 t / ha. Fruits attain maturity in about 150 – 180 days from flowering depending upon the variety. A mature fruit gives a characteristic metallic sound when pressed gently and attains colour specific to the variety. Fruits can be graded depending up on the size (weight) into different categories as stated below:

Super size  Fruit weight > 750g
King size Fruit weight 500 – 700 g
Queens Size Fruit weight 400 – 500 g
Prince Size Fruit weight 300 – 400 g. 









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